Fertility Awareness Charting Circle

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Learn what they never taught you in sex ed!

Join us for our regular monthly Fertility Awareness Charting Circle (FACC) meeting for comprehensive Fertility Awareness training and follow-up in a supportive group environment.

Fertility Awareness is the general term for a consistent and reliable approach to observing, recording and interpreting the hormonal shifts of the menstrual cycle. It may be used for the prevention or achievement of pregnancy, and to deepen menstruators’ knowledge of their reproductive health through all stages of life.

Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or knowledge level. Feel free to bring along partners, kids, friends, and family. All meetings are breastfeeding-friendly. There is a suggested donation of $10 to attend (which can be waived in case of financial necessity).

FACC meetings are facilitated by Rose Yewchuk, HRHP, and Chloe Skerlak, HRHP.

Hi! I’m Rose.
Image by FO PhotographyI can help you get off the Pill and heal your hormones. My clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered about their fertility. Read more about me.
Statement of Inclusion
If you are queer, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, gender variant, non-binary, two-spirited, and/or intersex, I will do my best to be inclusive of your needs and identities. My practice is open to people of all sexual identities and orientations, including polyamorous people and others with alternative relationship structures.
Praise for Rose!

"For health reasons, I didn’t want to depend on the birth control pill anymore, on the other hand I felt scared to get pregnant too early. I was amazed how enjoyable I found it to learn about my cycle, something I wasn’t in touch with at all. "

— Christiane Panesar, Edmonton