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A Guide to Fertility for Sexual and Gender Minorities
Charting for Gender and Sexual Minorities

Hi! I’m Rose.
Image by FO PhotographyI can help you get off the Pill and heal your hormones. My clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered about their fertility. Read more about me.
Statement of Inclusion
If you are queer, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, gender variant, non-binary, two-spirited, and/or intersex, I will do my best to be inclusive of your needs and identities. My practice is open to people of all sexual identities and orientations, including polyamorous people and others with alternative relationship structures.
Praise for Rose!

"Rose was such an inspiration to me. It was so empowering and inspiring to learn from someone who had used the fertility awareness method successfully for so many years. I was able to have all my questions answered and get the encouragement and reinforcement I needed to be able to let my fears go. I have been using the fertility awareness method for over a decade now, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way."

— Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Fertility Friday Podcast