Get Off the Pill

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Are you sick and tired of taking birth control – but you know you don’t want a baby right now?

Are you fed up with the side effects of your birth control – but you feel stuck on it because you don’t want to get pregnant?

Does it seem wrong to you to be putting synthetic hormones in your body every month?

Do you have questions about your periods and your hormones? Are you wondering: “Is this normal?”

Are you interested in charting your cycles for birth control, but you don’t know where to start or how to interpret what you’re seeing?

You’re not alone.

Most of us are never taught how our cycles work, let alone that it’s possible to understand your body well enough to prevent pregnancy without drugs or synthetic hormones.

By charting two key fertile signs – your cervical mucus and your temperature in the morning – you can accurately identify the days of your cycle in which you might get pregnant. (The fertile time usually averages out to about a week per cycle).

Cycle charting has a proven birth control effectiveness rate of 99.6% when you avoid intercourse during the fertile time.
You might need to overcome some cultural conditioning to believe this, but it’s true!

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lisa-picture“Getting off the pill was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am so thankful that I was able to meet Rose at the perfect time when I was just learning the method and needed the extra support, knowledge and encouragement from someone who had actually used it successfully for many years. Not to mention that Rose educates in a fun and light hearted way that makes it easy to learn! I was able to have all my questions answered and get the encouragement and reinforcement I needed to be able to let my fears go and trust that the method would work. And it did work. I was able to use the fertility awareness method successfully as birth control for about 10 years, and when I was ready to start a family my partner and I were able to use the fertility awareness method to conceive.”
– Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Fertility Friday Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this method for birth control if I have irregular cycles?
Yes! This is not the Rhythm Method, which uses calculations from past cycles to try to predict fertility in future cycles. (And by the way, most period tracker apps on the market today are just Rhythm Method calculators in fancy packaging.)
To chart your cycles, you pay attention to your body’s fertile signs to determine whether you are fertile TODAY. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, or whether your cycles vary from month to month. If you get support from a teacher to understand your unique cycle variations, you can expect a high birth control effectiveness rate even if your cycles are irregular.

What about if I have PMS, painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, or some other health condition? Can this still work for me?
Yes – and in fact, you might really benefit from learning how to chart your cycles. By keeping track of your cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and other cycle symptoms, you can learn to understand the root issues that underlie your hormone problems. This can help you get genuine healing for your condition, and make you a better advocate for yourself with medical and holistic practitioners.

christiane-testimony“For health reasons, I didn’t want to depend on the birth control pill anymore, on the other hand I felt scared to get pregnant too early. I was amazed how enjoyable I found it to learn about my cycle, something I wasn’t in touch with at all. Already after one session I felt empowered to go off the pill and it felt great. With Rose’s support I felt comfortable and confident. It was very natural to talk about everything with her. I have been charting using the Justisse Method for 3 years now and I feel grateful to Rose for helping me to reconnect to my womanness and being able to be in charge.”
– Christiane Panesar, Edmonton

How much time will this take up out of my life?
Charting your cycles takes about as much time every day as brushing your teeth. It does take a few months to learn about it and establish the habits of checking your fertile signs, but once you get the hang of it, it just becomes part of your daily routine.

What if I’m uncomfortable checking my mucus?
Well you’re not alone there! There’s a lot of shame around sex, periods, and everything else “down there.” It’s normal to feel weird about this at first, and it’s okay if that’s where you’re starting from. Once you take the plunge and learn more about how amazing your body is, you may actually shift to feeling proud of your cervical mucus! (Really!)

What if I don’t want to avoid having sex when I’m fertile?
You can use condoms or other barrier methods like a diaphragm or cervical cap during that time. Just be aware that if the barrier method fails during your fertile time, your odds of getting pregnant are very high. It’s up to you to decide how comfortable you are with that risk. And of course there are many other kinds of sex besides intercourse that you can still enjoy during your fertile time!

Megan Killorn picture“It was so fascinating learning about how my body works and understanding the changes it goes through on a monthly basis. Within months of coming of the pill I felt like a burden had been lifted and I was continually telling girlfriends of mine that I felt more like a woman, more in tune with my body, and sexier. My boyfriend has commented on the change in my mood swings, decline in my overall “crankiness,” and is super happy about my increased sex drive. I feel like our relationship has improved as a result. Without Rose’s patience and support I would never have learned the Justisse method so thoroughly nor would I feel so confident in my ability to chart as a natural birth control method. Thank you for all your support Rose! Learning to confidently follow my cycle has changed my life.”
– Megan Killorn, Revelstoke, British Colombia

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Already after one session I felt empowered to go off the pill and it felt great. With Rose’s support I felt comfortable and confident. It was very natural to talk about everything with her. I have been charting using the Justisse Method for 3 years now and I feel grateful to Rose for helping me to reconnect to my womanness and being able to be in charge."

— Christiane Panesar, Edmonton