Get Pregnant Naturally

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So you want to have a baby!

Do you wish you had more guidance about natural options to help you conceive?
Would you like to understand your cycles better so you feel more in control of the fertility process?
Are you committed to take care of your own health to give your baby the best possible start in life?
Do you have irregular cycles, or a health condition (like PCOS or endometriosis) that makes it hard for you to get pregnant?
Perhaps you’ve been trying to conceive for some time now and it hasn’t worked, or you’ve gotten a frustrating diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”?

You have options.

Most of us are not taught how our bodies work. We’re told (incorrectly) that we can get pregnant at any time, and that there are no safe days of the cycle. It’s very common to start taking birth control as a teenager, stay on it for over a decade, and then go off it when you’re ready to start a family, expecting to be pregnant within a few months. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out so easily.

Only 12.7% of women seeking fertility treatment can accurately identify the fertile window, according to a 2013 study. This suggests that the other 87.3% are misreading their ovulation, month after month.

Charting your cycle will help you figure out exactly when you are ovulating so that you can confidently identify the best days each cycle to try for a pregnancy. This will maximize your chances of conceiving quickly and easily. It will also reduce your stress by taking out all the guesswork and anxiety about when you are fertile.

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“Rose’s expertise in fertility awareness and getting pregnant naturally was very helpful after my husband and I had been told by our family Doctor that our reproductive systems were “just fine” after a year of trying. Rose was able to guide us in the cycle charting method, and other related activities and she did so with humour and empathy. We discovered so much about how the food we ingest and indeed, other daily choices can affect our ability to conceive. Rose was very thorough and highly professional throughout the whole process. She believes in working with other health practitioners to help her Clients conceive naturally, as evidenced by her suggestions for us to get food allergy tests done, visit an Acupuncturist, and indeed get medical laboratory tests done after requests from her to our family Doctor for them.

We are so happy that following Rose’s advice, we were able to conceive naturally and recently gave birth to our healthy baby girl. The knowledge we gained working with Rose has lifelong application, not just for conceiving and giving birth, so we continue to implement Rose’s advice in terms of seed cycling for my husband and I, cycle charting for me, and various other more natural lifestyle choices for all three of us. Thank you so much, Rose, for all your help!
– O and A, Edmonton, AB, July 2016

“Working with Rose was very helpful. Throughout our time together she taught me so much about my cycle, menstruation, fertility and my divine feminine. It was rewarding and empowering to take charge of my body through a deeper understanding of how it works and how I can play a part in making it better. Learning the system of charting my cycle helped me to get pregnant! I had a miscarriage and Rose helped my body find its balance again and helped me understand what my body was doing through reading my charts. The Justisse method is a tool that I will continue using throughout my life.”
– Cvita Mamic, Edmonton, AB

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Reduce the stress of trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster which leaves you feeling drained and despairing. It can take a weight off your shoulders to have continuous emotional support, and to know that you can talk to someone who will understand what you are going though.

Conventional fertility treatments can be expensive, invasive, and time-consuming. Learning how to chart your cycles can help you advocate for yourself and limit unnecessary interventions. This is especially valuable if using drugs or artificial technologies to get pregnant doesn’t really appeal to you.

“Learning about cervical mucus saved us SO MUCH MONEY! We were able to stop using ovulation predictor kits on every day of the month and only use them on the few days when they mattered.”
– A.B., Edmonton

“This woman is awesome, you will learn so much and she will change your life!”
– J.G., Edmonton, AB

“Rose is an amazing teacher with a gentle, clear approach and a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections. Learning to accurately chart and interpret my body’s signs of fertility was one of the most empowering processes of my life.”
– Lisa Lunn, Edmonton, AB

Cycle charting can also be a helpful diagnostic tool if you have a health issue that is making it difficult for you to conceive. With the support of a trained practitioner, you can use your charts to figure out the root issue that is preventing you from getting pregnant.

If you are making changes with an eye to improving your fertility, your charts will show improvements in your hormone balance that will let you know whether or not you are on the right track.

This can reduce the amount of trial and error you have to go through to figure out what will work to boost your fertility. It can also help you feel more in control of the process and more hopeful about your chances of getting pregnant.

“Rose is particularly skilled in assessing the status of a woman’s menstrual cycle health and making well-considered recommendations for maintaining and restoring reproductive health. Rose is well equipped to help women who want to improve their reproductive health in preparation to conceive. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my own daughter, if I had one. Clients who work with her find success.”

– Dr. Geraldine Matus, founder of the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness

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"Learning to accurately chart and interpret my body's signs of fertility was one of the most empowering processes of my life. Rose is an amazing teacher with a gentle, clear approach and a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections. "

— Lisa Lunn, Fertility Awareness Charting Circle Edmonton