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Do you need help to heal your hormones? Are you wanting to learn how to chart your cycles for birth control, or to improve your chances of getting pregnant?

Iā€™d love to hear from you. I offer small group classes and private consultations.

I work remotely with clients over the phone or by Skype. I also see clients in person at my office in Edmonton, Canada.

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Gwenn picture“Meet up with Rose for a consultation if you have any concerns when it comes to your lady parts! Whether it’s getting off the Pill, pregnancy, infertility or crazy PMS symptoms. Empower yourself as a woman to improve your health through a natural and holistic approach. Educate yourself and know that YOU DO NOT have to live with pain, discomfort or whatever your concern is. It’s up to you to change but Rose will extend out her gentle hand and lead you to where you need to be.”

Gwenn van Riel, RMT, Edmonton,

“I am so thankful for Rose. Her knowledge, guidance, and intuition has helped me so much. What I loved about working with her is that she didn’t go in and fix everything. She illuminated my cycle and symptoms and taught me how to continually rebalance my cycle. Very empowering! Go for it!!! Working with Rose will change the way you feel, think and walk as a woman.”

Cvita Mamic, Edmonton, AB

Statement of Inclusion

I strive to be an ally to gender and sexual minorities. If you have concerns around fertility, menstrual cycle health or getting off hormonal birth control and you are queer, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender variant, and/or intersex, I will do my best to be inclusive of your needs and identities. I also have experience working with polyamorous people and others with alternative relationship structures.

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Hi! I’m Rose.
Image by FO PhotographyI can help you get off the Pill and heal your hormones. My clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered about their fertility. Read more about me.
Statement of Inclusion
If you are queer, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, gender variant, non-binary, two-spirited, and/or intersex, I will do my best to be inclusive of your needs and identities. My practice is open to people of all sexual identities and orientations, including polyamorous people and others with alternative relationship structures.
Praise for Rose!

"Without your patience and support I would never have learned the Justisse method so thoroughly nor would I feel so confident in my ability to chart as a natural birth control method. Thank you for all your support Rose! Learning to confidently follow my cycle has changed my life."

ā€” Megan Killorn, Revelstoke, British Columbia